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The Macro Side of Things

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

What is macro? So, when I think of macro I think BIG. In other words, go big or go home. Well you guys, the world is viewed on a micro and macro basis. Micro means small. When it comes to economics, micro is viewed on the inner and personal levels of the economies more so dealing with all communities, cities, and states while macro is dealing with countries and worldwide projections. We already know the projections on a micro level but again, we never see "the bigger picture.” Let’s talk about this worldwide thinga ma jig.

As global growth has been on the rise, Fiscal and monetary policy levels are talked about. But since fiscal and monetary are consistently dealt with on a macro level, such policies has always been accommodative to the change and speed of environments. Macro indicators seem to be presently strong but predictions do come about that they'll eventually diminish. I know you’re probably like “what does that mean?” This is basically stating that currently the macro world of things is at its peak and moving forward it could be a little rocky.

The global macro outlook is that "the somewhat more challenging macro environment should be able to mitigate the gradual rise in market rates, and we expect it to be less damaging to equities.” By any means, at least they are protecting things that could have a trickle down/domino effect if this were to be affected. In order to see which indicators has reached its peak on the macro side of things we are going to leave that up to the sector selection, country selection, and regional focus in dealings with asset allocation.

Fiscally, there are speculations of the current growth cycle being very short, but don't get scared. This will not end up in another recession as the United States is doing a very good job in staying elevated within the past year and years to come. Now monetary, yes, y'all already know it's all about the money money money. It is believed that the monetary accommodations have an inflection point that has been reached and it is at a tier of unthinkable communication and policy errors.

Whew chile that was a lot but of course these are predictions and researchable factors that we should be paying attention to daily. But thanks again for tuning into my Ted talk.


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